The Queue

Long queues in the summer,
People with ice cream.
Long waits for the bus,
whilst one dreams.

Standing on your two feet,
because you can’t get a seat.
Holding on for dear life,
a man hold hands with his wife!
Suntan lotion smell fills the air,
some people are eating chips.
Some people are drinking cold drinks,
whilst others are eating ice cream whips!
In the queue the suntan gets more,
people chat, so they don’t get bored.
Reading papers or books whilst you wait,
others feeding crabs on crab lines with bait.
In the queue it is long and tedious!
The heat off the sun beats down.
People smile when the bus turns up,
on the way to their home town!

© 2019, The Coffee Poet. All rights reserved.

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I enjoy writing poetry as and when I get an inspiration to do so. When I am not writing I am enjoying curry day!

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