My Bike As A Child

I used to ride a bike,
up and down the road.
It was outside our humble abode.
We rode in a gang.

We had a bike club, us kids.
Always out playing.
Then we used to go in watching tv till bed time,
that was the way for us, just saying!

We grew up partly in Liverpool,
then in Cornwall.
I used to ride the bike to the shop for sweets
and things for my mother.

We loved our bikes,
we missed our friends in Liverpool.
We used to spend our pocket money on sweets and magazines.
And was out when it was dry.

I used to ride a bike,
now I take a hike.
I walk these days to the shop,
riding bikes makes you hop!

© 2019, The Coffee Poet. All rights reserved.

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I enjoy writing poetry as and when I get an inspiration to do so. When I am not writing I am enjoying curry day!

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