I Hear Her


I hear her
I hear her softly calling out to me
I hear my name in the wind
She’s looking for me
She’s strong
She’s fierce
Never underestimate her power
She’s intoxicating
I stand at her edge and look out at     her lovingly
I understand her as She understands me
She understands my hurt
She understands my anger
As I understand her
She’s beautiful and fluid
Her arms are strong when around me
Her waves wash away my tears
I hear her
I hear her calling out to me
She speaks directly to my heart
She’s a force of nature I cant resist
When I’m with her we become one
She’s healing
She’s soothing
She takes my breath away
She… is the ocean
Kelly Hall 2009

© 2020, Nanasangel. All rights reserved.

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Author: Nanasangel

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