Living Imagination

Colours splash the paper, against it white side.
Lots of different shapes,
the edges are taped.
Brushes soak in the pot of water.

Table covered in paper,
brushes and paints every where.
Pastel and bright chalks in tins,
the imagination flows.

Mediums on the paper, liven it up.
The shapes make a picture.
Ideas for the art spring to mind,
watch it take on.

Mountains, trees, lakes, flowers,
everything that is in the thoughts.
Come from you from within,
enjoy it for it is pleasing on the eye.

Make your thoughts come alive,
paint it bright and cheery.
Love the image that you produced,
for it is unique.

© 2020, The Coffee Poet. All rights reserved.

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I enjoy writing poetry as and when I get an inspiration to do so. When I am not writing I am enjoying curry day!

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