Morning Briskness

Up and down the hills,
in the countryside.
Wearing your woollens,
and taking with you a mac.

Enjoying the sounds of the Earth,
and enjoying the sun and breeze.
It makes you feel alive,
and helps you to breath!

Sit on the bench and quench your thirst,
and take a few pictures or two.
Mind how you go along the stony path,
and take in the colours.

The mind is settled,
you have a brisk in your steps.
Animals graze and drink from the lakes.
The smells tantalise your nose.

Enjoy it during any weather,
make sure you take your brolly and mac.
The camera will record your day,
and go home to a nice cuppa tea!

© 2020, The Coffee Poet. All rights reserved.

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I enjoy writing poetry as and when I get an inspiration to do so. When I am not writing I am enjoying curry day!

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