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The Coffee Poet


I left school at the age of 16 with good grades that included CSE English grade 3.

Writing comes easily to me although I only write when I have a thought of a poem.

When I was a little girl, Father Christmas gave me a printing set for children. It consisted of rubber letters and numbers and punction symbols, wooden blocks that were long to form sentences with, an ink pad. I began playing games as an Editor, Author and Designer, making magazines in my bedroom. The magazines consisted of poems and artwork. With the printing set it was easy to use. All you did was with tweezers place the letters in the wooden blocks, pressed it onto the inkpad, then onto paper. This inspired me to write properly.

The writing began at an early age on wildlife and other subjects. It then took a backseat whilst I was working in London. In the 1980s it took off again and I was writing poetry about the World in General, it then turned to Inspirational writing. When I got married I did not do any writing. After the divorce and having a baby, it took off again.

I invited a couple of friends that I have known for 20 years to join me on the site to write. We formed a blog between us and that the aim was to help inspire our readers and give some enjoyment.

The blog was formed during the Coronavirus Pandemic (2020). Here we share are stories with you and fun posts.

If you enjoy poetry, we have 400 poems spanning different topics.

Read on and enjoy!

All the best!