Angel Presence

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Angel Presence
written by Kate Durnford 19/12/2016
A light shines like a beacon,
let it shine in your heart!
Let the spirit not weaken,
right from the start!
The angel smiles at you.
You are the soul of life!
The angel protects you,
it cuts like a knife!
They come and surround you
with loving light!
They come in their thousands
in your plight!
The angel wraps its wings,
the harps begins to play!
The angels sing
to you this very day!
Bring on the smiles,
it lightens you!
Don’t be frightened,
let it engulf you too!
The angel brings you peace
and brings you many wishes!
Don’t be alone no more,
the angels just adore!
Be with an angel as
they adorn you with their presence!
Smile upon an angel
within your very essence!
Their light shines on over you,
they come to hold your hand!
Walk with you in your dreams
upon the golden sand!


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