Crying In The Wind

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Crying In The Wind
written by Katy Durnford 02/06/2017
Crying in the wind,
hear the angels sing!
The beacons are all lit,
along the path we sit!
Watching the day go past,
with not a care in the world!
We see it in the day,
will it ever last!
Crying in the wind,
we hear the angels sing!
They light up the path,
forever on the wings!
Do not cry no more,
the angels have lit the way!
Be for ever more,
each and every day!
The angels light the path
and hear the cry in the wind!
They come to sit by your side,
reach out to them on the tide!
Crying in the wind
is heard by the angels!
When you hear them sing
cry no more!


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