Guiding Hands

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Guiding Hands
written by Kate Durnford 09/01/2017
In a cloud I ride with you,
you watch from the Earth!
I am with you always
since your birth!
We guide you through the good and bad,
what makes you happy what makes you sad!
We never leave your side,
we are with you for the ride!
Dancing in the sand,
we leave our footprints there.
Walking with you hand in hand,
whilst we climb the stairs!
Don’t leave us now you are with us
throughout the glory days!
Be with us through the heat,
just stick by your seat!
With you all the way
one hundred percent with you!
Without further ado,
we are here to stay!
When you are down we pick you up!
When you are happy we sing with you!
When you are sad we give you love!
When you are up we hold your light!
When you a crying you feel in the dark,
but we are here and have never been apart!
Don’t think we do not care,
for we are there!
Holding your hand
take it in your stride!
“Hello, I am your guide!”
Take your stand!
Go with the flow!
You are on this journey with me!
For ever we will be together,
for the world to see!


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