Day Of Light

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Day of Light
Written by Katy Durnford 2nd December 2017
Time is of now the greater experience.
Fledglings of the higher good.
Fleeting in and out of worlds,
where the message is understood.

But come to the way it won’t happen fast.
When all is gone will it last?
So meek minded come rest with me,
for the things for everyone to see!
Dining in the light,
see to the kindred soul.
Be that the sight
lights up right into the night!
Dreams of heaven are outnumbered.
See it in your mind’s eye.
For time will tell on the yester years
and pray upon your fears!
So slumber in the shadow of God.
Be forever heart warming in his presence.
For the light will shine on.
The very light of his essence!
Be wakeful in the shadow of light.
For his eyes are your sight.
Feel the way upon your path.
Never fear the wrath!
For pray in your heart.
Be at peace
right from the start.
The war will cease!
Drained by fatigue with the spirit around.
Go with the Lord for it is profound!
Give the love your soul desires,
for the love combined will light the fires


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