The Presence Hears

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The Presence Hears
written by Kate Durnford 11/12/2016
Silence as she weeps
amidst the dark grey skies.
The morning wakened with pain,
the morning heard her cries!

No silence in time to cry,
just smile with sweet sorrow.
For amidst the dark grey skies,
the morning heard her cries!
It was time to move on.
It was time to lay down a path.
The silence came through the tears,
amidst the fears.
Gently the tears subside,
awash away the pain.
Because in the morning
was just only rain
Hear the soul was weeping.
But the silent tears now stopped.
Feel the presence of the Lord,
for the presence that you are seeking.
You feel it around you at night.
You feel it around you in the day.
You light up the candle in honour.
You feel it around you and pray.
In the morning the tears stopped.
The presence was felt of the Lord.
Between the times of despair
came peace with accord.
Dry your tears and
put a smile on your face.
Feel the presence of the Lord
for it is there in grace.


© Copyright 2016 The Coffee Poet, All rights Reserved. Written For: The Coffee Poet
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