Christmas Spirit

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Bring out the tree for Christmas!
I think it is too soon!
Have a piece of cake,
mince pie and cream.

Soon be time for a Christmas shop,
a mad day out, to get it all at once.
Sausage Rolls and lots of pickle on the plate,
get the presents soon, so you are not late!

Make sure you have enough gift wrap and tape,
and write out all the cards.
Don’t leave the shopping till the last minute,
do the shops early, otherwise getting presents will get hard!

Get enough wine, for the occasion.
And enough nice Christmas food.
When you hang your stocking up,
then you will be in the mood!

Get some carrots and sherry for Santa.
But don’t eat it yourself.
There is lots of Christmas banter,
and spies from Santa’s Elves!

Top the tree with an Angel.
Put the lights around.
Make sure they flash on and off,
and make a jingle sound!

It is coming up very quick,
and we may not all be together.
Just be sure you have enough in,
and are cosy during the bad weather.

Santa has to wear a mask now.
And has had to have a test.
Santa got his results as all clear,
now he has to rest.

Toasting your feet by the warm fire at home,
over the Christmas time.
With a glass of sherry in hand,
hear the angel chimes.

Enjoy the time with your loved ones,
because no ones knows the future.
Then you will have to clear it all up,
as Christmas soon be gone!

© Copyright 2020 The Coffee Poet, All rights Reserved. Written For: The Coffee Poet
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