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Tomato and basil,
leek and potato.
Turmeric and dill,
all on the window sill!

Making the soup in a pan,
it’s home made you know!
But out in the garden,
vegetables will grow!
All kinds of soup are in the book!
I think I might try this one,
it looks jolly good!
I’ll try it and take a look!
Tomato and dill soup,
potato and leek.
Chicken broth too!
What do you seek?
Country vegetable,
beef broth and a hot liqueur
brandy in the soup!
Don’t let the vegetables droop!
Soup made in heaven,
to feed the plenty!
Not just to feed the poor,
but also the gentry!
Soup for the day time,
a snack in the eve!
So get on in the kitchen,
roll up your sleeves!
Tomato and dill,
caraway seeds and olive oil.
In the kitchen we go,
over the pan we toil!
So enjoy the home made soup,
there is plenty for every one!
Sit in your places,
I want every bit gone!

© Copyright 2019 The Coffee Poet, All rights Reserved. Written For: The Coffee Poet
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