The Cook In The Kitchen

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Out comes the chopping board,
with the vegetables and meat.
Grab your oven gloves,
come and take a seat!

Mixing the rice and peppers,
into a bowl with sauce.
Can you follow that recipe?
It is in the course!
Out comes the rolling pin,
to roll out the dough.
Food comes to the hungry,
from seeds that we sow!
Tins of tomatoes and puree,
avocadoes and pears.
Do you have enough I see,
to feed the bears (too)?
Into the oven it goes!
To cook for an hour and a half.
Making shapes with pastry,
and having a good laugh!
The cook is making a pie.
It has meat and vegetables in it.
Pour over the gravy mix,
now we are going to sit!
Flour is everywhere!
Dishes are in the sink.
The food is nearly cooked,
the cook gives a huge wink!
Out comes the meat pie.
It’s huge and mouth watering.
Cook makes the vegetables,
whist she has a sing!
The meal is now ready,
set out on the table.
Cook dishes it up,
plenty in the ladle!
Oh, how perfectly delicious it is!
The cook did a good job!
She dapples with the vegetables,
serving corn on the cob!
The meal is fit for a king!
The cook is one of a kind!
Did you get another portion?
and so you did find!
It’s time to get down now.
We had our meal and it was fine!
Cook’s is singing in the kitchen,
until the next time!

© Copyright 2019 The Coffee Poet, All rights Reserved. Written For: The Coffee Poet
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