Dark Days Chapter 1

A figure watches a house in the street at night, the light of the lamp posts shines into the window of the office where Harry was working. The figure can just about make out the shape of Harry at the desk through the window, luminated by the street light.
Harry, a private investigator had fallen asleep at the desk. Papers are everywhere, scattered on the desk. A half drunk mug of coffee, has gone cold. Harry has slumped in the seat, his arms cradling his head on the table.
The figure outside, a man with a trilby hat, and raincoat, smokes a cigarette. Watching and waiting. He has a mini hip flask, full of an alcoholic drink. He takes it out of his pocket for a swig. His cigarette is getting low, he stubs it out on the ground.
The phone goes off. A text. He pulls a face and was told to wait there through the night. “Bugger!” thinks the man. He doesn’t like the cold and rain. He has not got an umbrella. He doesn’t like getting wet in the rain. But so far it has stayed dry.
Harry’s hair had flopped over his closed eyes. Dribble was drooling from the corner of his mouth. He was sleeping like a baby.
The house of Harry’s was in darkness, and the street light had thrown light into its far corners. Harry was supposed to be working the next day.
It was a long night for the man outside. He leaned against the lamp post, lighting another cigarette. He was a chain smoker, a boozer. Liked page three pin up girls to ogle at.
Though tonight, he was not home with a bottle of brandy, smokes, tv.
His phone buzzed again. He was told to keep watch and lay off the drink. He was making notes of Harry’s comings and goings. Had seen a woman enter the house earlier. A friend of Harry’s with shopping bags. Done as a favour when Harry got to busy to do it himself.
Harry sat in a slumber, unaware of the man outside every night for the past year. He was about to find out. His world was about to be turned upside down.
copyright © 2002-2021 Katy Durnford.

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