Dark Days Chapter 2

Morning time arrive. The dawn light spread across the street, looming through Harry’s office.
The man outside had gone back to the gang’s den. A warehouse on the outskirts of the town.
Harry, stirred. His arm knocked off a pile of papers from his desk. He felt hot and sticky. He lifted his head and yawned. He stretched.
Time to get up, washed and changed, thought Harry. He was in the middle of writing up on a case, when he had fallen asleep.
He pulled a face at the half finished coffee. He gingerly stood up, picked up the mug, went to the kitchen and made a fresh mug of coffee.
He went to his sitting room, carrying his mug, and slouched into the sofa. His room was beige and brown colours. The furniture was plush. He liked his objects surrounding him to
be just so. Every now and then he took a look, and straightened them out.
Harry sipped at his coffee, thinking about his plans for the day. He was going to finish writing up on the case and then maybe go to the cafe for lunch.
His stomach was starting to rumble. Harry took his mug to the bathroom, stripped and got into the shower. He liked the water not too hot. It was a pretty good shower
and a good investment for his house. He felt invigorated and refreshed. He trapesed to the bedroom with a towel wrapped about his waist, sipping his coffee. He donned a pair of
slacks and a shirt, leaving the top button undone. He liked good clothes. All smart looking for the day. Brushed his teeth and hair.
Back at the desk, he picked up the file that had been knocked off. He sat down, and smoothed his floppy hair out of his eyes.
“Crap!” he nearly knocked his mug on the floor as well. He had better finish the file, at least one before lunch time. He grabbed his pen and turned on the laptop. He pulled
out the photographs of suspects and scene of the crimes, read the reports and also the confessionals and the taped interviews. He had a hunch he knew who did it,
but he had to read all the documents to piece it together. He came up with one name in the end and was able to piece together the events that lead to the victims death.
He typed up the notes of his onto the computer to add to the files. He hit save button, sipping his coffee. He loved his cup of coffees working.
Harry, sighed and looked at his watch. Time for lunch!
He grabbed his wallet and his jacket and headed out of his door, locking it behind him.
The restaurant was a place selling light snacks. Just the ticket, for what Harry needed. He chose a table near the back of the cafe. It was a long galley cafe, with rectangular
tables and benches with high backs. Huge windows down one wall opposite the serving counter.
Harry looked at the menu and ordered some soup and a cappacino coffee.
It was not long, before a woman came into the cafe. She spotted Harry and asked him if she could join him. He agreed.
“I’m Gina, you are…?” she said. She pushed her curly locks behind her ear, smiling at Harry.
“I’m Harry!” They shook hands and sat down. “Would you like to order something, it is very good here?” Said Harry.
“Just a coffee, I think!” Gina smiled at Harry.
Harry signalled for staff to come over to take the orders. Harry was unsure of Gina. He thought it a bit strange, as normally he dined alone.
He had a hunch on Gina, but shrugged it off
“Well, what are you having?” asked Gina.
“Soup, today!” Harry smiled back, taking a sip of coffee.
“Sorry to be rude,” said Harry, “do I know you from somewhere?”
“I think maybe outside in the street, passing, you know!” Gina hid a secret.
“Ok, sorry. I am sure I would have remembered you! Harry smiled.
“Thanks!” Gina replied. The waiter came over and took their orders, and quickly made the drinks.
“Thank you! they both said to the waitress.
“Well, what do you do?” asked Gina.
“I am a private investigator!” Harry said.
“Wow, how interesting! It not often one meets an investigator!”
“I don’t publicize it!” Harry took a sip of coffee.
“How about you?” Harry quizzed.
“I do odd jobs for people.” Gina lied.
Harry was thinking, why a beautiful brunette woman would join him at the table, where he normally sat, alone. No one really asked him if they could sit
with them, ever! He was surprised today. But it did not feel right.
He let the feeling pass.
“Oh, here is our food.”
Harry got stuck into the bowl of soup. “Enjoy!” said Gina.
Harry felt the whole meeting was wrong. Normally his hunches prove correct. He broke into his crusty roll, buttered it and took a bite.
“That smells lovely,” Gina said, “maybe I should have got something after all.”
“Well, you got a drink, enjoy!” replied Harry, nicely.
The lunch seemed to go smoothly and Harry’s awareness kicked in, after his initial hunch.
Gina stood up, “I got to go, but lovely to meet you, Harry. I hope you get to catch the guy!”
“Bye then!” Harry bit more of the roll off. He was enjoying the soup, relieved that Gina was gone.
He never forgot a face!
Little did he know that she had seen him before. He was still unsure on her and would eventually reveal a gruesome plot.