The Pinch

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The Pinch
written by Katy Durnford, 21-01-2019
When you are feeling it,
find a place to sit.
Don’t hide in the shadows,
but be out and watch you flow!
The time will come, when you are free.
So, fly and be content.
Because nothing can hold you back no more,
and those feelings have been spent.
Reach out to the stars,
you are so cool!
You rock this world,
you are no fool!
When you ride high,
you dance with others.
Learn how to love,
and not to be bothered.
Watch as calm washes over you.
It becomes engulfed.
Let it shine too,
for it is true!
Your light reaches all,
you stand proud now.
Take on a new role,
because it is good for your soul!
© Copyright 2019 The Coffee Poet, All rights Reserved. Written For: The Coffee Poet
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