The True Optimist

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The True Optimist
written by Katy Durnford 13-2-2020

The ramblings continue in your head,
never a tear will you shed!
stand strong and be proud,
don’t cloak yourself in a shroud!
Continue as you mean to go on,
be strong and stand up to what you believe in.
Look into the future for it is yours for the taking,
because now is the present and the past has been!
Over look the bad stuff and stay tuned in,
believe in yourself for it is not a sin!
take each day as it comes, and build up your power,
you won’t be locked up in your mind of the tower!
Be cool and just enjoy your days,
do as you say!
Be yourself and don’t change for any one,
because live in the present as the past has gone!
Live well and have a full life,
you been through hardship and through strife!
You have learned to love starting with yourself,
and cut through the barriers with a knife!
Look on the bright side, is now all well?
for it is not for a psychic to tell!
it has not all been in the mind,
you are doing well and one of a kind!
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