Tune Up

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Tune Up
written by Katy Durnford 02/06/2017
tune up for tomorrow
for its another day
wind down from the events
time to play

tune up for the summer
its time to go and splash
even in the rain
with no back lash
tune up for the time
its your to do as you please
life is for the living
be it on the breeze
tune up for the winter
including the autumnal fall
there is nothing like walking in the fog
hear the birds eve song call
tune up for the spring
the flowers start to bloom
clean out the cobwebs of winter
because the sun will be out soon
tune up for the holidays
it’s time to go and play
when all is said and done
its holiday every day
so tune up and be merry
give yourself a boost
don’t be discontent
cos summer is here to roost
so be merry and bright
tune up for the year
for you hold yourself dear
as everything becomes light

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