November Fires

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As the camp fire burns bright,
the flames reach high in the night.
Stars twinkle and the clouds block the moon,
and the camp fire burns on.

The fireworks light up the sky,
with bangs, pops and fizzes.
And hotdogs are to be had,
as we sit on the logs around the fire.

Marshmallows are melted on sticks,
and the children enjoy those too.
The Guy is stuffed with straw,
and dressed in old rags.

Merriment and enjoyment is all around.
The ashes from the fire scatter the ground.
It comes about every year,
as the fireworks go up, the crowd cheer.

The beer flows and wine is poured.
Juice for the children and crisps.
Adults enjoy the burgers and chips
and the animals are kept indoors.

For gunpowder and plot is rejoiced
and now an event of fun
then the night is over,
and sleep for everyone has begun.

© Copyright 2020 The Coffee Poet, All rights Reserved. Written For: The Coffee Poet
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