Colourful Twists

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Twisted colours, all kinds of shapes,
make the page come alive.
Mixed all up and unarranged,
it looks lovely and not strange.

Splash it on, mix it in.
The effects make your head spin.
Yellows, blues, pinks and gold,
the texture helps the picture unfold.

Brush it or splash and be bold.
Chuck it on and throw it out.
The patterns from imagination shout,
they are spectacularly loud!

Liven up the space with a medium.
Let the colours be not uniform.
All mangled up or your own style,
watch it come alive.

Treat your eyes and let your vision out.
Use different techniques.
Keep on the twists and turns,
it will be good by end of the week!

Adorn your paper and splash it with colour.
Be vigorous and lavish.
Give it an edge of spice,
hang it up.

© Copyright 2020 The Coffee Poet, All rights Reserved. Written For: The Coffee Poet
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