Foot Prints

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Waves crashing on the shore,
washing your feet on the golden sands.
Watching on the distant horizon,
walk along the shore hand in hand.

As the prints lay in the sand,
walking along hand in hand.
The waves and their sea horses ride along by,
walk along the shore hand in hand.
The distant cliffs tower the waves,
walking past the ancient caves.
A pair of lovers walk on the sand,
walk on by hand in hand.
Waves crashing on the shore,
the prints disappear under the waves.
Wash anew to start again,
golden footprints on the sand.
Next to handprints hand in hand,
like the pebbles clustered close.
The sound of the waves and the breeze,
wondering who lay that hand.
Whilst your walk hand in hand,
along the golden sands.
Waves crashing on the shore,
golden sand upon your feet.
Sitting on the ancient caves,
lovers holding hands.
Foot prints in the sands,
washed away to start anew.
Holding hands,
walking along the golden shore.
Footprints in the sand!
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