New Beginnings!

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New Beginnings!
written by Katy Durnford, 12-3-2020

Time to let go of the old,
time for colour and to be bold!
Moving on now with the times,
and just get on in life!

Let the happiness now come,
it has been a long time in coming!
Let the cup fill,
a good life is now to thrill!

Time to go out and make new friends!
The pain has stopped now.
Don’t keep the burdens on your mind,
be good to yourself and stay kind!

Be true and your friendships will follow!
For there is always a new tomorrow!
A new beginning is to be bad,
here with the good times again and not to be sad!

All the stuff is in the past,
it will never last!
If you let it continue on,
then the good times will be gone!

So stop it now and be free,
be happy as you will see!
Let your goodness shine on,
because, let bygones be bygones and let things be!

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