A Time In Lieu

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A Time In Lieu
written by Katy Durnford. 13th January, 2014
Between the candle light of a many hues
where the blossoms of the mountains be blended into the scenes.
And in the mists of the flocks of geese
can be a feeling of one of peace!

In a distance shine drums of Ramsan wines
in a place of a Tiburon graceful saves!
of a scrolls of the universal laws be descend upon the Earth.
A figure of a woman cosy by her hearth!
If a nature of entwined fusions carve,
at play on the notes of the class of me!
Oh, I might just be allowed to be love your tea!
On a breath of a love and a hope on the wild
like the wisdom of an elderly child!
A hue of a gold and a pink and blue
no sorrowful tears are one of a love for you!
Be a sunned in the heart and mind in a raises one
we are hear the music of the Solan!
Be a true peace at the one with a felt
a great sense of July as the benzene of ray light!
In the heaven of celestial sights
the cont. been shown of a great flight!
A touch of the arm and a heavenly love
be at peace and a one for the above!
A lowing of a nature so pure.
A shown path of a light that is right!


© Copyright 2014 The Coffee Poet, All rights Reserved. Written For: The Coffee Poet
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