As We See It

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As we see it
An inspiration by Kate Durnford 1st July, 2017
Within your eyes you see the world.
With all the wrapping unfurled.
You light up the path in your life!
You don’t give in to strife!

You gather the moment.
You see within.
You see through the silence.
It’s not a sin!
Time to see the way!
Through each and every day.
Come together as one.
The journey has not gone!
Sit in your haven with open eyes!
The journey will be your surprise!
Lift up your esteem.
Nothing is what it seems!
Within your eyes you hear the world!
It’s nothing like what it portrays!
So come close for the journey
because it is there for days!
Never look back and put you down!
Never a look with a frown!
You see the world with your eyes
be free as you are not tied!


© Copyright 2017 The Coffee Poet, All rights Reserved. Written For: The Coffee Poet
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