By The Lake

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By The Lake
written by Katy Durnford 1st July, 2015
In the deep valley on the hike
wanting to take a break,
seeing the rolling hills ahead
wondering how to cross the lake!

Seeing the valley rise above me
following the meandering path.
Found the little hut out of no where
wondering what it is like in there!
In the valley with rolling hills,
either side steep cliffs.
Came across a man sitting on the grass
with a lady and a young lass!
Followed the path to the hut
around the meandering stream.
Found that it was awesome inside,
the hut wasn’t what it seemed!
Hours spent in the hut
with a fire lit inside it.
Looking into the hearth place
on the chair a cloth made out of lace!
The night was spent in the hut
no body was in there!
In came the man who was sitting on the grass there
came in surprised, and offered me his chair!
We sat and talked for hours
about everything and anything that was of interest!
That really had made my day!
That the man had chosen to invest!
Gave me his time that day
left me wondering what to say!
in the valley with rolling hills
wanting to take a break!
Found the little hut and stayed
with the man on the grass by the lake!


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