Consider This!

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Consider This!
written By Katy Durnford 15-5-2018
Carry on as you mean to go on
don’t let interference stop you!
Your happiness has never gone
so reach within for it’s with you too!

Be the cool one as it will stop
you are not a pawn or a prop!
Go about your daily life
with a smile above the strife!
Sing in your heart and mind for you are free!
Let the bygones be bygones, then you will see!
It is all a fait accompli!
What was it that you missed?
Don’t let the adventure end you!
Appraisals of yourself is important too!
Leave the worries for they are miniscule!
don’t let them dog your life, as you rule!
Sweet success is for all to take
when you happiness is at stake!
See in the good because you are worth it
because now, your path is lit!


© Copyright 2018 The Coffee Poet, All rights Reserved. Written For: The Coffee Poet
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