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written by Katy Durnford 02/06/2017
Destiny is a fate embedded in our lives
it has a habit of surprise!
Don’t lose heart on the little things
it need not dent our pride!
In the future we can not see it,
our path we chose each turn.
It helps to focus on the present
and hope that we don’t burn!
Pride is something we all have
it is nothing bad to say!
Be what you like in every way
because we all have a say!
Destiny awaits us
it is there for us to grab!
Never to make a fuss
just take it as it comes!
Destiny will override us.
destiny will seek us!
Be in our lives forever
only we chose the outcome!
Destiny is something we can’t control
it happens to all of us in time!
The ultimate end to the life
and when that happens you will see!
Don’t be fooled by others,
be your own boss!
It is there without the trimmings
without the floss!
It hits us when we least expect it,
it is there we chose our way!
Each day we are given choices
so in our minds we play!
Destiny will come to us!
The outcome is for all different
what lays ahead we are told,
to keep strong and bold!
Don’t run into the wilderness unknown
before you can walk!
Because life is for living,
so let us talk!


© Copyright 2017 The Coffee Poet, All rights Reserved. Written For: The Coffee Poet
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