Hearth Flames

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Hearth Flames
written by Katy Durnford 02/06/2017
Come home to the warm fire
it’s glowing hot!
Sit on the sofa,
the suggestion is never forgot!

By the warm embers sitting with drinks,
chatting away happily in the light!
Topping up the wine we are on the brink,
the warm glow in the room is a pretty sight!
Healing hearth is a feature in the room,
with the crystals and angels placed around!
Like an Egyptian tomb,
it’s all sound!
As the fire dances the light on the wall changes
we dwell in the room with our glasses!
Pouring out the wine in the fragmented light,
steals the moment out of delight!
The hearth’s embers glow in the dark.
On the sofa we are parked!
Letting the chat evolve to love,
wanting to have and to leave it’s mark!
Me and the lady on the drink!
Nothing is as you think!
Hear me when I say that it is all for peace,
when love is love the hardship will cease!
Come with me and fill your glass!
Watch the flames dance with me!
Embrace the moments with you and yours
for the flames will warm and set you free!


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