It Starts Now!

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It Starts Now!
written by Katy Durnford12-5-2018
Let yourself unwind in the sun
for the story has now begun!
Let the influence of other wash away
because what you do is not theirs to say!

Be in the right frame of mind for love
it is starting now, so be aware
it is not for a fling or a one off romance
it is for keeps that is the stance!
Let him now come to you
for his will agreed!
Let this lesson not linger on
time is now so plant the seeds!
In your completing be of open mind
for your beliefs can be entwined!
When you share your first kiss
let him as a whole be missed!
Don’t let him go when it goes bad!
don’t be hurt and don’t be sad!
Work it all out so that you continue on
so that all the love won’t be gone!
Keep the love going, now he comes to you
keep on working at it to make it last!
Because the future is bright for you both
and let go of the bad things from the past!


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