Join The Forces

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Join The Forces
written by Katy Durnford 24/07/2017
I wait for you to come with me,
out of your shell it is to be!
Come on out it will be cool
we are not the fool!

Let your Spirit join with me
at one for better clarity!
Let your space gel with me
for you will see!
In time it will pass
and you will be gone!
With hope for the future
where there will be none!
Shine away to your heart content.
Ponder on new beginnings.
With the time it will vent
and be a whole again!
No fools are we to let it go!
Keep it within your heart.
It is time to say goodbye
for now it is time to part!
But keep the times in your mind
forever friends will be!
For you will open to come with me,
the future you will find!


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