Light Shines On You

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Light Shines On You
written by Katy Durnford 22/06/2017
When the light shines on you
do not be in despair!
For the right path will come
and take you right there!

Let it glow its harmony
it creates a shadow of love!
When it falls over you
from the Lord above!
Let the light shine on you
it covers your very being!
It opens your heart and mind
and helps you into seeing!
Let it embrace you and hold you close
it mixes with your aura!
Don’t leave without your light
it will give you a dose!
Let the light shine over you
from Lord in Heaven it’s for you too!
Let it help you on your path
it’s the journey and the do!
Don’t be persuaded to anything than less
it doesn’t come with a price!
It is free for all who comes in the light,
Let it enhance your sight!


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