Light Up Your Life

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Light Up Your Life
written by Katy Durnford 23/07/2017
Line up with the flowers
it is going to happen now!
Lift up your head
be there for all to see!

Give a line or two
and live each day for life!
Let it bring you joy
give it a say with you!
Lessen the burden on your shoulders
it is all wash with him.
Let it leave you now
and tread the waters with me!
Come with me through the wilderness
it is not all dark and dreary!
Shine on the light with you
it will be harmonious too!
Don’t dwell on the past it will be forgotten,
hold your head up high!
Sending the story away now
it’s the end of the chapter!
Pathways exceed the dose
the story has now ended.
Moving on to the next phase
let your mind be erased!
See the shining light now,
the path is lit for you!
You have the power to succeed!
Let it encompass you!


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