Mind Skill

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Mind Skill
written by Kate Durnford  1st November, 2016
What lies beneath it is the skills you know
that keeps me on my toes
And what a skill to possess
and drive away my woes!

A skill to have is like no other
it is a real thing!
I have had this skill in my life
so I would like to sing!
What skill to have to be cool and calm
what skill to possess with the best!
I want to use that skill a lot
and put it to the test!
Oh my, what lies beneath is real
it is just a skill that I possess!
It is one that I am proud of
but to others no big deal!
I ride with my head up high!
I like to know about this skill!
It s not a bad thing you know.
It is about how you keep your mind still!


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