Smiling Times

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Smiling Times
written by Katy Durnford 28/01/2018
Smile at your hearts leisure
for yesterday has gone!
Let the world encompass you
because you have really won!

Joyous time ahead bring light
keep it within your sight!
Never let the old times reappear
because that is no good you need to see clear!
Let yourself develop the stances
and give yourself the chances,
to be at one with yourself.
There are plenty of books on the shelf!
Light up the path now for the future is yours,
the old chapter is finished now time to open doors!
Bring in the new with feelings afresh
a new life, a new start, a will of your own!
Keep it all in the heart and mind
because the future you will find
peace and joy in your heart,
for good times to happen a new start!


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