The Calling

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The Calling
written by Katy Durnford 15/01/2017
Listen to the rain on the window,
it calls to you!
Listen to the heat in the summer,
it calls to you!

Be in the rays for they want you
and you want the rays!
Be in the rain for it cleanses you
and not just in the day!
Rise above the feelings of guilt!
You felt a calling!
It is here with you,
go with the feeling it wants you too!
Go with the calling,
it is within your heart!
Because right from the start,
it has always been with you!
You go with the wind,
find your two feet!
I am right beside you,
sitting on the seat!
Go with the calling,
it is from deep within you!
You felt it stirring,
go with it too!


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