Love Advice 1

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Love Advice 1
written by Katy Durnford 11th July, 2019
Don’t worry on things but think it through
let yourself be at peace!
For anyone with feelings for you
you are OK and will do!

Never put yourself down
you always have a frown!
Let yourself be happy and merry
take yourself off into town!
Go for a coffee by the sea
be happy for you and me!
For it is love back to you
you are fine and will do!
Don’t be scared be at one
for it is now said and done!
The I love you is a hit
be of love and with whit!
Don’t be shy be yourself with him
he doesn’t mind if you are fat or slim!
He has loved you from the start
don’t let minor disagreements make you part!
Let it develop at its own pace
even though he is a difference race!
That’s is not it as it is true love
let it be love at your first taste!


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