Love Bonds

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Love Bonds
Throw in the towel for it is over now
don’t waste time in a dither
make haste and create a new vow
come with me, come hither!

It is not too late to be who you want
stand tall and don’t be knocked down
just smile and put up a front
it isn’t you who is the clown!
Make haste for the time has come
see what you can do when you smile
for now the race has been won
look what happens when you go the extra mile!
loosen your baggage it is included
be happy you’ve not feuded
smile at your hearts leisure
be cool, dreams are like feathers
wipe away the dust and put on the shine
a bonding comes with time
don’t lose hope the will agreed
because you successfully planted the seed!

© Copyright 2019 The Coffee Poet, All rights Reserved. Written For: The Coffee Poet
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