A Moment In Time

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In the distance memory a life of bygone days.
As you try to recapture it and can you persuade?
It is missed and it could be brought back
before you get old and hit the sack!
Trying to bring back what you once had
and rekindle the spark that once made your day.
The days are getting more rest time
but you want to keep on and chime.
Dance away into the night and then hit the pillow.
The distance memories bring about a smile to your lips.
Each day goes past basking in the summer sun.
Sitting on the bench poised at the hips.
Raise a glass to the days of new.
The power of the summer brings you out.
Get on in the day for the time is long.
Be quick on the mark for the summer song.
The memory is a nice one of dancing in the sun.
When you were young and a young gun.
But in time it changes it’s tune.
All is gone all too soon.
Enjoy the moments as they come to you.
Make more memories and plan the future.
Every day is a new day so plan ahead
for every tear a new life is shed.
© Copyright 2021 The Coffee Poet, All rights Reserved. Written For: The Coffee Poet
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