Tidy Up!

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Although it was grey cloud and rather cool,
Summer is just around the corner.
Take the time to tidy gardens,
before the weather hardens!

The weeds pile high all around,
being pulled up one by one, from the ground.
Each one with long bare roots,
before it grows a baby shoot.

Then you have to bin it all,
until the next time when they grow tall!
But as you do it bit by bit,
better to do it than to sit!

When it is all done, sit and relax.
But don’t let it bog you down!
Catch it before it creates your frown,
and weed on to the max!

Delve into the digging and the pulling,
with a garden fork.
No amount of weeds,
should create this amount of work!

Sit and enjoy the garden for now.
Until next time!
You will be doing it for ever more,
even in your prime!

© Copyright 2021 The Coffee Poet, All rights Reserved. Written For: The Coffee Poet
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