A Blob In Space!

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Liven up the day and give a little cheer,
the forecast of rain won’t last.
In the day it has become clear
that the time it never ends!

When the stars twinkle at night,
they sparkle in the dark.
The floating rocks of asteroids,
zip across the Earth and is a sight!
The Earth Station is just a blob,
it sits like a planet.
It gleams in the light
it glides through space.
As the Earth revolves round the sun,
Jupiter and Mars are far away.
Each holds rocks and earth
and are inside the Milkeyway.
Light travels very fast,
the moon comes out at night.
The Earth is our home.
And on it we shall roam!
© Copyright 2021 The Coffee Poet, All rights Reserved. Written For: The Coffee Poet
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