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As I sit I ponder and wonder,
what was it like before man?
And was it all dinosaurs
and larger than life creatures?

I think evolution is true,
and we could all be apes!
That leaves me wondering,
and all agape!
Before man we had no man,
was all God’s creatures.
So it started with Neandertals,
that was a feature!
The forests covered the planet,
and creatures were free and wild,
then man appeared,
then the beginning of fear!
But fear also brings peace,
in the past from England around the world to Greece!
The Neandertals are cave dwellers,
who had babies of girls and fellas!
They grew over thousands of years,
to be like man today!
I am glad we are all civilised,
and not heresy!

© Copyright 2019 The Coffee Poet, All rights Reserved. Written For: The Coffee Poet
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