October’s Song

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Rain lashes down on the window panes.
The skies are heavily overcast.
Leaves are still falling to the Autumn colours,
it drives and fuels the land.

Plants of all kinds are changing,
the colours are still vivid.
Brightens the garden and give us joy,
we enjoy it, me and my boy!

The light is getting dimmer.
Winter is looming.
The rain drops trickle down the windows,
even though the plants keep blooming!

It is a cheery sight.
The rain continues through the night.
Clouds sweep the sky,
the light shows up the grey clouds.

The brisk, cool air, gets in your lungs.
Cold bites in the house.
Although it is grey out,
it is still beautiful!

© Copyright 2020 The Coffee Poet, All rights Reserved. Written For: The Coffee Poet
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