Electric Motors

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Honda, Mitshubishi, Mini and more.
Parked in a line outside the door.
Now the era of petrol is no more,
welcome the electric car.

With charging up every so many miles.
Which car will you get, that will match your style?
Chose carefully the colour and the make,
electric is better, as the climate is at stake.

Ka and Mini and others are following suit.
May save you millions in petrol and deisel.
You can always dream of your car,
or paint it on with a brush and easel.

Drive to the recharge stations, but don’t run out!
Otherwise you will have to give the AA or RAC a shout!
Pick up trucks will be arranged,
but don’t end up looking rather strange!

Be prepared for the futuristic is here.
Ideas have manifested into electric cars and gears.
They found a way to get them built,
and go far out and dress to the hilt.

Enjoy the electric cars.
Keep it in good condition.
Now the planet will become cleaner,
and you can recite a good rendition.

© Copyright 2020 The Coffee Poet, All rights Reserved. Written For: The Coffee Poet
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