Lull In The Breeze

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The sails are up and you head off into the wind.
The sands move with the breeze.
And when the birds sing in the trees,
and the seagulls food has been binned!

The river flows back to the sea,
the organ grinder sits back.
The people are no where in sight,
all cosy in their shacks.

In the bay the waves have lulled,
the raging seas subside.
The sun peaks out from behind a cloud,
and the birds swim on the tide.

The day passes into night,
and waves are now flat.
The man goes out of his house,
without his coat and hat!

The new lull is taken in and it is quiet.
For the people hear no noise.
When the boats pull away from the shore,
and you sit with your tea of wild boar!

In the end it will never last,
of this you will get a blast!
Let the time pass and pass the tea,
and come and sit by the window with me!

© Copyright 2020 The Coffee Poet, All rights Reserved. Written For: The Coffee Poet
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