Welcome Poem

Welcome everyone!
We hope you find the poems enjoyable and good.
If you enjoy our works,
don’t keep it under your hood!
There eventually be hundreds of fabulous poems,
from Cornwall to Science, Transport to Dark.
From my heart to your heart,
right from the start!
The poems are thought provoking and inspiring.
Many will help your woes and help your mind to sing!
They will also help to liven your day up,
don’t give up!
The material is original and contemporary, written the past decade!
They are timeless and will not fade!
In many genres and will keep you occupied.
When reading keep them in your heart, and close by your side!
Click through the titles,
because you can choose.
You have everything to gain,
and nothing to lose!
The poems are from the imagination,
thoughts and the mind.
The poems are delightful,
and one of a kind!
Keep on and read through the night,
they are entertaining and fun.
Read on and be happy,
for the experience has just begun!